Our Story

Sustainable Clothing With A Story

Our Story

As twin sisters, we’ve shared a lot in life — a last name, a love of color and nature and a vision for a more ethical world. In 2002, at a time when women’s activewear was unflattering, environmental concerns were negligible and style was homogenized, we followed that shared vision to create FOAT. Our goal was to offer a refreshing, eco-conscious alternative in women's fashion, starting with yoga apparel. Since then, we've expanded our designs to additional lines of one-of-a-kind garments and wedding gowns.


Our Process

Every FOAT garment has a story to tell. Each piece begins as an idea, inspired by the unique fabrics and materials we source and salvage from sustainable suppliers and vintage shops. We develop new designs almost weekly, based on the new materials we discover, to create very limited edition runs, each with a history and story all its own. All of our production work is then completed by hand—drawing, cutting, assembling and sewing every garment in studio.


Our Purpose

With each design at FOAT we work to challenge complacency. We challenge our customers to demand better quality products with a stronger conscience. We challenge our craftspeople to slow down and create pieces with the greatest possible care and attention to detail. And we challenge the fashion industry to raise its expectations for more ethical practices.  We hope you’ll find inspiration in our work and join us as we continue the FOAT story. - Kaja and Zoë Foat